Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Doctors wanted to start my chemo yesterday but my blood counts have been really low lately. The second straight day my blood counts dropped. Also some key counts of mine are not getting better. They are thinking about postponing chemotherapy until at least Monday and see where my blood counts are at that time. As for I - I would like to get started on the chemo asap, but it won't be that bad because my brother and his family, and some friends of mine from Colorado will be coming in on Thursday and staying for the weekend. This should be a very busy weekend and I can't wait to see all you guys. I am still doing my radiation, but they may postpone it after tomorrow because they would like to see some advancements in my blood counts. Tomorrow after radiation I am having a full spine and head MRI to see how the cancer in my brain and spine are responding to radiation. They are hoping that my spine has been improving through the radiation and again that the cancer in my brain is not getting worse. The MRI should show this. If the spine is getting better and the brain looks good (ideal) they will keep the same treatment in place. If things are looking better, but I am still having issues with balance, strength, and vision then they are going to postpone radiation and go with chemotherapy. If the spine is showing advancement but the brain is not they are going to switch from radiation to chemotherapy. If both the spine and the brain are regressing, then all the doctors will get together and decide what the next step will be. Thus, I may or may not be in the hospital tomorrow night. We'll see what the day brings. If you are planning on visiting me be sure to call first. Andrew, thanks again for your terrific blog - I can't wait to be able to view it - but it must be terrific by the feedback. Hope you all have a great night and thank you for your support.


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I hope you have a great time with everyone in town this weekend! Like Rick said, thanks for the update with what is going on. Just a little reminder that I LOVE YOU and hope to get up to see you soon!! I admire the fight in you! All I can say is that you are truly AMAZING!

Happy Friday!

Sending you Hugs, Smiles, and Sunshine~

Love you Cous!!!