Saturday, January 20, 2007

Friday and Saturday

Sorry I haven't gotten this out to you sooner. I have had some computer problems the last few days. I did the MRI on Friday and it will probably be Monday before we find out the results. They probably had them Friday night but none of my doctors are around on the weekend. My vision continues to get worse, wheras I think my strength is getting better.

All in all the MRI went really fast and really well, but every time I crawl up in that little tube it seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Tomorrow night I give my testimonial and I am filled with excitement along with nervous energy even though I am sure it will go really well and I have done this before, I am still really nervous. I wish you all could be here to see my testimonial tomorrow. Have a great night.


Anonymous said...

Justin, it was great seeing you last weekend, have fun and good luck with your testomonial.

jeff l.

ambermiller said...

Hey Justin!
Good luck with your testimonial tomorrow! We have all booked our tickets to come and visit. We get in Thursday afternoon and leave Sunday. I talked to Liz and she is going to pick us up from the airport. Just let us know what works best for you for us to come over. Can't wait to see you! We got some new games that are pretty entertaining; we will bring them out!
Amber, Becca, and ReAnna

Anonymous said...

Hey JJ,
We wish we could be there to see you give your faith testimonial!

Love ya,
Tam and Kels

Anonymous said...


Enjoy the evening with your friends tonight. It's inspiring to see God at work in this way.

See you soon,



Rick said...


Good news about your strength. I know what you are saying about the MRI tube, I've had one MRI and that darn tube seemed to shrink around me.

Looks like your have some wonderful friends comig to chaska this week. Have fun with them 'and' your testimonial.

You are my hero!


unc ric

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a good time with your friends and good luck with your testimonial. I wish I could be there to see.

Your cous,

Justin Kukowski said...

I want to get started by truly thanking everyone a whole bunch. Everyone has been offering so much support for me through many different ways. Lubes it was awesome to see you, I had a blast hanging out. I can't wait to see you gals soon. You shouldd be able to come over anytime. I have radiation everyday at 12:30pm. So I'll be gone from 11-3pm M-F just to be safe. So anytime other then that. Great to hear from everyone God bless, thanks for blogging.