Saturday, January 06, 2007

One day...

One day removed things seemed a lot better, Thursday night we had our playoff fantasy football draft, then the big news my bro flew in town tonight. I found out he was on his way and I got really excited. Couldn't even concentrate. Which right now is a good thing. The start tomorrow, so tonight went really well, no tears. Kyle is in until Tuesday, so I'll have a lot of time to spend with him. Thanks Lord, it's great to see him. Right the more I keep my mind off the bad news the better or easier it is for me. It ain't easy to keep this ole bird down. Ally leave Randy alone, he's not a nut bird, oh what ya he is too, a big one too. Sorry Randy, but we all know it. Well everyone lets keep the prayer and positive energy keep flowing and God'll send that stupid chemo packing love yall!


Anonymous said...


First, I need you to give Kyle a message. Let him know if he teases you too much Uncle Tim and cousin Trevor will pick him up and set him in a creek!!! I'll have to dig that old family photo out and share it with folks.

I bet it's a real lift for the 'ole bird' to have his big 'bro' in town for a few days. One thing I think you should investigate is/are the people in your fantasy playoff group; they may have paid Kyle's plane fare for the specific reason of breaking your concentration. My money is still on 'your' picks in the draft.

J, if prayer and positive thought hold any water the cancer you have is doomed! I find myself heading to the computer often. Each time I enter your site there are more great words and wishes sent.

Do you remember when I was in Minnesota shortly after your surgery? Two things stick in my mind from that visit. One is our 'date' to sit on a deck in Bellingham, Washington on an October 1st and watch the world go by. Bellignham is a beautiful place to wacth the world go by, you've seen some of the photos, or ask some of the reli's that have been here. But the monumental memory I have is of you telling me when we were sitting on the patio at your dads house, "when this is over I'm going to go around and give motivational speeches!" Judging by the words being sent to you you've been given motivational speeches for a long time.

Keep the faith, the spirit and the essence of JJ.


unc ric

p.s kudos to Cart and the maroon and gold.

Anonymous said...


hey JJ, you should remind Kyle and Tim about the spreading manure incident that you told me about :)



Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT time together!! GO GOPHERS!!! I called Zach-he's checking out if I can get the game here in Lewiston!!!Well, that was about three hours ago!!!!So you'll have to let me know how they are doing!!!

Shanny said...

say hello to Kyle from us, glad to hear you get to spend the whole weekend together!

Alexa wanted me to tell you that she scored her first ever 3 pointer in the game on friday night! She also had a season high 24 pts.

It has been a basketball weekend for us, Ben played two games yesterday- he is finding his niche as a great rebounder. Abigail plays her first game tomorrow night so by the end of the week we should have a good highlights DVD to send up for you to watch!

Our prayers are with you JJ, keep up that awesome spirit we love you,
Shanny and the rest of my Georgia gang

Anonymous said...


It's Sunday evening and I've been thinking about you all weekend. I hope you could feel the energy from the positive thoughts I am sending in an easterly direction. Yesterday I ran a half marathon in your honor. We finished second in our age group. I think the guy that beat us fibbed about his age!!!!!!!! Seventh over all, not bad for our first race of the season.
I bet you, Kyle and the gang are having a blast. Has the been any pig piles??

Sending my love and positive thoughts,

unc ric

Anonymous said...

Hey JJ!
I heard you had some visitors from this area. Grandma just called and said how glad they all were to see you. She didn't tell me who won in cards, though!!
Anyhow, just thought I'd send you a message of love. Our thoughts and MANY, MANY PRAYERS are with you.In fact, our whole church was praying for you this morning!! May He put His loving arms around you and grant you peace.

Anonymous said...

Justin, our prayers are with you as you meet with the doctors tomorrow morning. God's Spirit is with you. Jim