Monday, January 22, 2007

Friday's results...

We've got the results from Friday back today, and they're indifferent. There are a few new spots in my brain (we were hoping for nothing too harsh). But the Doc does not feel that these (because of location) will have anything to do with balance, vision or strength issues. Tentatively I am going to begin chemotherapy soon, and I am that not sure when that will be. They are thinking possibly tomorrow. I believe that's what they are going to try next, because the sooner we get some results from chemo. Keep on praying, love yall. Hace a great night.


Anonymous said...

Hey JJ, you should call me up when you're at the hospital for chemo or if you're staying there overnight or something, cuz I really want to come see you!!! I love you lots and really hope you're feeling well!!

- Chantel

Anonymous said...

When somone loves you
Enough to pray,
Then look for God's presence-
He's coming your way.

When someone calls
Your name in prayer,
Thenk look for a break through

When someone prays for you
Day after day,
Then look for miracles-
We pray them your way!!

Good night and God's blessings!


It is very obvious there are MANY people praying for you day after day!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see you this weekend. I've pulled out my old COG scrapbook (still have many years to complete, but it is fun to look at). I'll call you Wednesday to see what your schedule is like. Hopefully I can see Kyle and his family too.

You are in prayers - day and night! You will beat this for there is more for you to do.

Love you -


josh said...

Hey JJ,

McMahon here. You have to get better by March so you can head to Detroit with us. Nationals should be pretty interesting this year. It can't just be me and the Hipps boys. I'll go crazy. I also promise we won't eat at any Mexican restaurants. No more tamales for me.
Hang in there man!