Thursday, January 18, 2007

Friday and beyond ...

Tomorrow I am doing another MRI in hopes that they'll uncover something leading to my weakness, balance, and most of all sight issues. I hope they have a plan soon because my vision has been getting poor (this is very difficult to explain, I cannot explain this, so please don't ask). On Sunday I am giving my faith testimonial. I have done this before; however, many things have changed with my faith since. This will be a lot of fun on Sunday. The radiations have gone well and that's all folks.


Anonymous said...

Dear Justin,

I just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how much your story, and you, your faith and hope is an inspiration to myself, as many others you dont know! Your mom and I have been friends for many years and through her I have gotten to know you, and it has been really neat. I attend a bible study here in Montgomery and we keep you in our prayers weekly! I have friends in the San Fransisco area who are also keeping you in their prayers. Like I said your story is an inspiration and lesson in faith to others, and God is using you in a mighty way! Thank you Justin, and God bless! ~Deb

Anonymous said...

Hey cousin JJ,
I was excited to hear that you are giving your testimony! I pray that it goes well and I am confident that God will speak through you accordingly.

Keep on rockin and kicking butt.
~ Cart

rick said...


Wow, it's Saturday morning already. It seems like it was just hours ago when you and I were kickin' butt in Skip-Bo.

It is an absolutely glorious day here in Bellingham; sunny and 45 degrees. Yum Yum.

Who you picking in the big games?

Warm thoughts,

Unc Ric

Maureen said...

Hey Justin,
This is your aunt maureen checking in...don't really know how to do this blog stuff but I'll give it a try! I'm praying all went well yesterday and hope that you have good news to share.

We had such a great time with you at Jason's wedding, I saved the toasting glasses from our table(I'm sure you remember me hiding them under my dress:), don't tell uncle Pat,) We will use them again when we can celebrate with you again! I'll check in tomorrow...Stay ya maureen

Justin Kukowski said...

Thank you all for your support. Deb you'll have to stop by with your kids sometime. Maureen I do remember the glass, that wedding was a lot of fun. God bless everyone.