Wednesday, March 12, 2008

JJ Knows by Carter Kukowski

I prayed for your body
And I prayed for your life
I still curse the cancer
That caused this strife

Sick of this disease
That has overcome the people
Leaving loved ones weeping
And crawling slowly from the steeple

Some cope by screaming
While others stay silent
Tell me, how did these cells
Become so violent?

Who gave them the right,
To do this to you?
Tell me you're kidding
Say there's something you CAN do

The headaches you suffered
Shouldn't have lead to all of this
They're typically a minor ailment
Usually cured by a mother's kiss

Trying every which option
They put on the table
The treatments always failed
To keep your vitals stable

The side effects were tough
But so was the heart in your chest
Testing new treatments
But none passed the test

They continued to replicate
And never once ceased
But along with the cells
Your support group increased

The blog laid out your journey
And pictures captured your smile
The essence you possessed
Did not change throughout the trial

Swinging and kicking
You knocked those odds down
Refusing to give up
You lit a fire in the town

Influencing lives
To the left and the right
Though physically you're not here
You still won the fight

You swung for the fences
You lived with no fear
I’d like a glimpse of your courage
When I look in the mirror

I never got to say it
I was informed too late
You left earth without my goodbye
So now I'm left in this state

A sense of numb emotions
Not too sure what to feel
Still doubting the validity
Of this actually being real

Your absence left the family
Wearing black and wiping tears
Inconsolable past the point
Of the help of a couple beers

When your casket rode away
You became out of reach
Begging on my knees
Still the reason I beseech

Yet, your journey proves
That life can be quickly lost
So the price for procrastination
Is much too high a cost

Who knows if you'll get the chance
To set things straight
Presently speak your mind
Before it's too late

Our days are numbered
They have been from the start
Stop hiding emotions
And reveal your honest heart

Who knows what tomorrow
May eventually bring?
Who knows if the flowers
Will again bloom in the spring?

Who knows who is wrong?
Who cares who is right?
Let go of all doubts
And enjoy the clear sight

You lived for the moment
So I'll let go of the past
I'll follow in your footsteps
And live each day like it's my last.

Written in honor of Justin
A Son, Brother, Cousin, Uncle, Nephew, Grandson, Friend, Role Model, Angel
We can "Only Imagine," but JJ knows
Stay STRONG, and God's blessings, Carter

Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Birthday, JJ!

Since JJ's birthday is today (March 3), I thought I would post a short video of him opening gifts at a birthday party. Even though JJ has left us on earth and is now in heaven, we can all share in watching him open gifts on his birthday.

Happy Birthday, JJ, from all of us!