Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Today was one bad day...

My weakness has been going downhill for some time now and today it hit a low. Tomorrow I got an MRI to try to figure out what's going on. Hopefully they find something. I'll know late tomorrow. Today was the first time Andy couldn't hold me up. I mean my strength has gotten really bad. So pray please, I'll need it.


Heide said...

Hey Justin!
I wish I had some answers for the difficult questions you must be asking right now..It's hard to know why certain things happen..It's hard to understand what God could possibly have in mind. One thing I do know-He is always working through our circumstances and life issues, and in this difficlt time, HIS plan is unfolding in your life-We just don't know what that plan is!! HE is with you every moment of the way..and LOVES you with an everlasting love!! Remember "FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND" that is when he carries us thru. We have been praying for you ever since this began-at times I'm not sure what I should be praying for. At this time, I pray he strenghtens your faith and gives you the strength that you need. You have had a very positive influence on SOOO many people thru all of this. We are al here for you at any time. I LOVE YOU JJ!!

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Kristel said...

Justin, I am thinking of you through these rough times. Know that I am here for you always. May the force be with you! :O)
Love, Kristel (Kooky to the bone, though I tend to prefer Kukoolski).