Saturday, January 13, 2007

Good info, some worthless...

I hope we'll all pray for the military. I guess I have a lot at stake over there, so the extended stay of many troops makes me sad cause it just means it'll be a little longer before I can see them. Love you gals. By the way I try not impose my opinion to others. My uncle is going back in April, but we should all be praying for our troops safety. I feel its best to always pray for our troops, safe return, liberating Iraq, and protecting us. Thank you. On a lighter side the Kyle, my bro, and my uncle Tim went out to spread manure on the field. However, Tim hooked the hydro's up backwards and they both got doused in cow manure. Tim was really pissed off; however, Kyle was just too young. A lot more family this with weekend. I don't have any radiation until Monday and fam here this weekend I may not have time to post.


Anonymous said...

JJ, it was really great getting to see you on Friday! We all had a really great time, you are a great host! It was just fun relaxing and talking about old times and memories on the farm.

We hope that you're enjoying your weekend and the herds of people that are lining up to see you!

we love you soooo much!!! Keep on rockin kiddo!
Dandy Randy and Cart

Erin said...

It was so good to see you lastnight!! There's nothing quite like playing cards with you and your dad!

Your sense of humor, your faith, family and friends will continue to support you through all of this. We all admire you and can only hope to one day have an ounce of the strength and faith that you have shown throughout this battle.

There's a countless number of people praying you through this. It's my hope that you would feel the power of those prayers every minute of everyday.

I'll talk to you soon, Justin. Keep smiling!
lots of love-

Shanny said...
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Shanny said...

hey justin!
im glad your radiation is goin well! ive been prayin everyday.
well last night was a big game for us and we killed them!!!!
the last time we played them we lost by one point!it was the first game of the season and i was not happy.if you cant already tell i dont like to lose:-)
this time we beat them 32 to wasnt a very high scorin game because i only had 15 points and my other friend only had 8.if we dont score then we lose.
so now to get into the playoffs we cant lose and we have to beat our big rivals and they have to lose to another team so its a stretch!then we go into a tie and do a playoff game to get into the playoffs!its crazy

well i gotta go. i hope that your treatments go well and ill be prayin for to ya later. luv ya, alexa:-p

Morgan and Lacy said...

Hey Justin, we check your page every day to see how you are doing. We wish we could be there to see you, but like you said it will be a while! We are glad to hear the radiation is going well! We love you and miss you! Love, Morgan and Lacy

Anonymous said...

Hey JJ,
We just got home. We ended up running into a little bit of snow just north of Cannon Falls, but nothing real heavy or potentially dangerous. When the kids and I got just south of Nodine we ran into some slicker roads, but we were only 15 minutes from home at that point and we just took it nice and slow and all was well.

Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our visits this weekend. It was so good to see you playing cards with your mom, Rick, and Vicki today. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. We are also praying for your little friend Luke, that God be with him, his family, and the medical staff to triumph in his battle with cancer.

As we were sitting and reflecting with Pastor Jim, I enjoyed your dad's story about how you talked Vicki and Theresa's ears off at a Gopher football game. It instantly reminded me of Ellie and her personality. And although at times I anxiously wait for the quiet times after she has gone to bed for the evening, I am thankful for her (and Logan) everyday. JJ, you are the epitome of what I want for my children. The point your dad made with his story was that's always been your personality . . . you're strong, you're a fighter and you don't give up on something until you have accomplished it. If your life is a preview to the future for Logan and Elissa . . . and they end up with half of your persoanility and character, I will be truly blessed. Your faith, ambition, and character are both admirable and inspiring.

Enjoy you're time with Rick this week! Talk yo you soon. We love you Justin!

Tami, Logan, and Ellie