Friday, January 12, 2007

More radiation...

I had my 3rd radiation treatment. It has been going pretty well. I have been getting tired lately, but that could be caused by me staying up at night dinking around on the laptop. Last night a bunch friends came over. It was a lot of fun. I was planning on having them all over, but I had ask them all to leave. Then, today I had six relatives over to see me. So again I was really blessed. The treatment yesterday went well and so did today. Last time radiation seemed pretty tiring toward the end. Stay in touch. Keep those positive vibes migrating this way, have a great night.


Anonymous said...


Keep what you've been doing buddy. I pray for you everyday. I'm so blessed to have you as my cousin. You an inspiration to us all, your so amazing. Let me know if your down to go out to eat on Monday night. Chantel said something about doing it with you and Uncle Rick. I really want to see you. I would come by this weekend but I'm actually going to be in Iowa City trying to capture that Herky the Hawkeye. But if your feeling up to it I could stop by Sunday night when I get back let me know. You keep doing what your doing because it seems like you an inspiration to us all. And lastly GO JJ and GO Gophers.

Luv ya cuz,

Shanny said...

We've been praying like crazy for you and sending lot's of love and happy thoughts out your way. Glad to hear the radiation is going well so far. We mailed out a DVD for you today, hope you enjoy.
I'll let Lex tell you about her game, it was awesome and that's all I'm going to say about it;)
Ben plays tomorrow bright and early so I better get Miss Abigail to bed- we love you and will call this weekend, keep up that amazing spirit JJ-and give your Mom a hug from me. Love- Shanny