Sunday, January 07, 2007

Big Day...

Nothing really happened today, but tomorrow is a big day in that we learn our next options. I am nervous. Today I did see grandpa and grandma, Tim and Kay, Brendan, Cheryl and Cole all relatives, yesterday a bunch of friends stopped by. The list there is long. My bro is still in town and I couldn't be happier if I was a puppy with 2 peters. He's coming with tomorrow to hear what could be scary stuff. It'll be a lot easier with him there. Keep those prayers rolling in and I'll keep yall posted.


Anonymous said...

Hey JJ,
It is good to hear that you are enjoyed the weekend your family and a clearer mind. I think I need to catch up one some of these family stories from the farm. Something about a creek and I'd be interested to hear the story Cart references. Wishing you a peaceful nights sleep tonight. Again, we are all praying that the Lord be with you and your family and also with the physicians to guide you through to a successful treatment and recovery.

As promised, I emailed the videos from Logan's tournament to your gmail. Check it out! (Bear with the anxious mom yelling in the background=)) This was our first tournament of the year and the first tournament since Logan's surgery this past fall so he wasn't quite at the top of his game. He won the first 4-0 in 3 periods, had a bye in the second round, and pin his 3 opponent in 29 sec. Unfortunately it was a memeber of our own team.

Stay strong JJ. Your faith, strength, and courage are inspiring. My thoughts are with you constantly. And we continue to pray that God will guide you safely through.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Good Morning JJ!
I know you are probably on your way to your appointment-my stomach is uneasy, too!! I hope you all can feel the prayer I'm praying for you right now. How wonderful to have your whole family there together. How long do you think it took Randy to type that message with one finger??!! He even spelled it right!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck today. My thoughts and prayers are with you, as always. As Tami had said, I would also love to hear some of these stories.

I really wish that you could have seen my dad typing on here last night. It was quite funny!! :) I will be up soon to see you! I'm glad that you are having fun with Kyle in town. You'll have to tell him hi for me.

I LOVE YOU!!! and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey JJ,

Best of luck to you today. We're all praying for you. I'm not sure how productive I'm going to be today, but hopefully we'll here some positive news to ease the worries a little bit. May God bless the doctors and help them figure out the best way to conquer this thing. Stay strong and keep the faith. I love you man.

P.S. - Randy on a computer... never thought I'd see the day!

Anonymous said... dad and I are reading these comments here and Dad has asked me to say to everyone... that his typing finger is a little on the sore side but... HE'D DO IT AGAIN IF IT MEANT THAT IT'D GET YOU ALL OFF HIS BACK :) I was thinking about some of the sports teams that I have been on(and, trust me, I was on quite a few teams) but... none of those teams were EVER AS CLOSE OR AS SUPPORTIVE as the team that you have fighting for you JJ... TEAM JUSTIN ALL THE WAY!!! I don't think that you could even draft team members that would make up a better squad.

and as you say...GO JESUS :)

I love you, Cart