Thursday, February 15, 2007


From Justin:

We're 240 miles from Bellingham, so we should be there in about three hours. I'm going to take a nap now.


Shanny said...

Hi JJ and fellow travelers!
Thank you for calling this afternoon, I am so sorry we missed you -we were at a fly over that the helicopters were doing for a family day event. They got to show off a little of what they do when the Rescue someone so it was pretty cool.
I am so excited to hear you are close to Bellingham, your Uncle Rick must be bursting with joy that you are so close.
Happy belated valentines to all of you, we just keep praying for you to have safe travels and lot's of fun!
Love you JJ- auntie

Anonymous said...

hey justin!
sounds like you guys have made great time! I'm not sure if you've been able to get my texts on the road, so i thought i would send you another quick note to tell you i'm thinking about the five of you and hope you are having a great time! hope skipbo is helping pass some of the driving time...and you're winning a game or two:)
take care and enjoy your time in Bellingham!
love you,

Anonymous said...


So, I guess you decided to head straight to Bellingham. If you are going to be there Saturday, I'll drive up and spend the day. My phone is dead right now, but Ill try you when I'm home from work.

Welcome to sunny and beautiful WA!!



Anonymous said...

Hi JJ, friends and family, I followed your travels and noticed you have been through a bunch of UBC country. The secenry in Dakotas and Eastern Montana sucks, but the beauty; JJ, is for the eyes of the traveler. I know the intersate is a little bouncy, but that only adds excitment to the trip. How boring otherwise?????? Brother Don, keep your eyes on the road, Vicki, make sure Don keeps his eyes on the road, Kathy, as always, just be there! Andrew, you must be close to an angel! If I missed anyone: I trust we're all together in our travels.

Uncle Dale