Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Pictures


Anonymous said...

Totally diggin the pics!! Thanks! I can imagine navigating that thing through the streets of Seattle and San Fran was not a small undertaking. Love ya lots!


Anonymous said...

Hi Justin!
Matt and I just got back from NYC and we had a great trip, but it was cold and snowy there so we picked a chilly weekend to go. However, it sounds like you're having a great trip. Your RV looks awesome.

Keep us posted on your adventure!


christine said...

the RV is really big. that's pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic to hear you are home! Thanks for all the pics and updates. I can't wait to come visit. Let me know when you are rested up from the trip and I'll come out.

Love you -


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pics Andy, they are great. I can't believe how big Kyle's kids have gotten, that is crazy! I am glad that you were able to stop in an see them all on your way back.
Well, it was great talking to you tonight. My prayer's are with you.
love ya,