Friday, February 09, 2007

Update (Friday)

I just wanted to post a message and let everyone know that Justin is now back home and resting. He left the hospital this morning. The doctors said that it would be OK if he left for his trip on Wednesday, so that's the plan right now. Hopefully Justin will be posting soon. Keep the positive energy and prayers flowing for Team Justin!


Jeffrey said...

Have fun in the great NW!!!
jeff dotson

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin,
I hope you have a great trip, I can't wait to see you down here in KS! I mean that's where all the fun is, RIGHT!?!?! Love you Justin.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you're back home! let me know if I can come visit you sometime this weekend, ok?
i'll talk to you soon.
take care,

Anonymous said...

JJ The Man! So my little brother is starting his trip on Wednesday. I'm gald to hear you are out of the hospital and feeling better. As always, thanks for the post Andy, but it isn't as good as the original.

Love you bro'

Anonymous said...

Hello Justin, You don't know us, but my brother, Troy, is married to Nikki's sister, Jeni..who is your sister-in-law..hahaha...does that make us related? :0) Jeni shared this blog site with us, as we are always asking how you are doing. Just wanted to let you know that you are continually in our prayers. We ask for the Lord's strength and protection to cover and sustain you!! Leslie

Anonymous said...

Okay...I knew that I left a very complicated comment trying to describe who I was...but only read it after I published it! Big mistake..hahah..Troy is married to Nikki, not you WELL know! hahah Sorry!! :) Les

Anonymous said...

Kuke Da Man,

Rest up duder for your awesome trip. I am happy to hear you are back home. Will you be having visitors this weekend? Brian and I would like to hang out with you this weekend.

Much appreciated Andy for keeping the Blog updated.


Jared said...


Gladd to hear you back home my good man. Get some rest and get ready for a wonderful trip.

Hipps you da man! Thanks for the update.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kuke,

Glad to hear you are back on track with going on your trip out west. Have an audacious(word of the day) trip! I'll give you a call this weekend.

Take care,
Adam P

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin,
We'll be pray'n you have a great trip. Our mens Sat. morning Bible study has been pray'n four you for quite some time now, and are sure glad to see that you are able to take this trip. May God be riding shotgun with you my friend.

Lots of Love Jeni's Dad (Al)

josh said...

JJ, have a good time on your trip. I am praying for you every day.


Dane Lundahl said...

There ain't no place like the west Justin, enjoy your time. May the roads be clear, and the views be true. Have fun.

Dane Lundahl said...

There ain't no place like the west Justin, enjoy your time. May the roads be clear, and the views be true. Have fun.

Lissa said...

Hey Justin,
I'm sure you don't remember me, I've only met you once or twice, I'm Reuben's big sis. I just wanted you to know that I've been getting updates for a while and just got your blog address. I want you to know that my family and I think of you often and are always sending positive thoughts your way. My daughter (Reub's niece) is in the middle of chemo right now fighting off a rare form of leukemia. We are thrilled to hear you are home and schedule to leave on your trip next week. It says you are going to the grand canyon, if you guys want a place to stay in Flagstaff, AZ let us know we have a cabin there where you can rest on solid ground. You are such an inspiration for so many people. Have a wonderful trip!!

Anonymous said...

JJ -

We're reminiscing about COG days and the trips out west. We're trying to remember all the movies and cool hikes we went on. You sure were the instigator for all the fun and challenged many of us to grow in our faith.

We love you -

Kim, Tricia, Eric and Seth

Starr said...


Will you be able to keep the blog going while your on your trip? I would love to know when you'll be in the great Northwest :) It would be great to see you if you'll be in my neck of the woods (or as close as possible in the continental US). You are going to have such a great time, it really is a beautiful part of the country.


Anonymous said...

Hi Justin,

I remember you from 8th grade language arts. I saw you recently when you were at CMS West observing Mr. Pelowski. Someone recently told me about your blog and I love your blogging--I must have taught you something because you are a great writer ;-)

I remember you as an 8th grader--hard working, huge smile, slightly mischievous!

I am so proud of the man you have become. All I can think when I read your blog and the comments from your friends and family is what a full life you have--so much adventure and love! Your smile and courage are infectious to all who come in contact with you. You are an inspiration and a remarkable person.

Have a great trip with your family. I'll check in and read about your new adventures. Keep on writing--as I told you back when you were in 8th grade, it's a great way to express your thoughts and emotions, but you obviously have mastered that very well.

Enjoy the trip and thank you for touching my life!

Best wishes,
Mrs. Hodgins

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin, I'm Matt Olson's Mom and I just wanted you to know that I've been praying for you for quite awhile and get updates from Matt & Lisa on your progress. I sing in the Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir and all the members are praying for you. Our Old Tyme Gospel concert is February 25th so you should be feeling lots of good energy heading your way as we sing His praises and ask His blessings for you. Enjoy your trip! CAROL