Monday, February 19, 2007

San Francisco

From Justin:

Later on today, after quite a bit of driving, we're going to unboard ship in San Francisco. We will start by going across the Golden Gate Bridge. And then we're going to meet up with Jessi Misslin and possibly Billy Kasper's wife. Bob knows Billy. We just went through Napa Valley, so we're able to look at quite a few vineyards. They were pretty neat … well, if you like grapes. After San Francisco, we're going to look at some sequoia trees. Then we're going to head down to Las Vegas. Before all that, we're going to attempt to take a tour of Alcatraz, which obviously Andrew could have broken out of in no time flat with his eyes closed! I'm not sure if we're going to do anything else in San Francisco. Well, that's all, folks!


Carolyn Wieland said...

Hey Justin,
It's been great reading up on your travels. Thanks for posting the pics so that we can see the great scenery too! Enjoy the rest of your wonderful trip with your family.

Heide said...

Justin and fellow Travelers,
It has really been fun "traveling along" with the five of you! I am so thankful you could all make this happen and for each of you to be a part of it. I'm sure it is a time each one of you will always hold in your heart with many special memories and moments. With Don's hospitalization, etc. I haven't been a very good blogger-my apologies. Justin I want to thank you for the time,talks, and moments we shared while I was able to spend time at your house-there were many moments that warmed my heart-I will not forget them as they are etched in a special place to always be remembered. Andrew, it was great to spend time with you and realize why you are such a "special" friend to JJ.
Auntie Heide

Belated birthday VIcki-how many???

Anonymous said...

JJ -

It was great to talk to you today. As always hearing your voice warms my heart. I can't wait for you to see the sequoias. You'll be absolutely amazed at the grandness of the trees. The wilderness there is absolutely sereal.

As always, sending you my love and prayers for many different things.

Love you -


eric dafoe said...

Thanks for all your doing Andrew to get this on the internet for Justin. It's really fun to follow, I ALMOST feel I'm on the trip too :->

Andrew, if you have the time, please please e-mail me at: I'm very interested in meeting up with Justin when he stops in Colorado, but I live in Texas so I need a bit of forewarning so that I can drive out that way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin and family!

Wow It is really neat hearing all you are doing and seeing the pictures! Hopefully you have great weather! You took me back to when I was in San Fransisco last year Riding on the ferry and seeing Pier 39 and the Golden gate bridge, its really beautiful at night! Canada sounded beautiful as well! I hope things continue to be a blessing on your trip! Thanks for bringing us with!

Deb Bauer

Anonymous said...

JJ, your sense of humor is just great. your blogs always show that wit that you possess. Thanks for keeping us updated and keep on rockin'

love, Cousin Cart

Anonymous said...

Kuke da Man,

Sounds like things are going great and you will have a lot of stories to tell when you get back. The pictures on the blog look awesome. I hope you are having a fun time. It is starting to warm up in MN. Hopefully by the time you get back it will be managable weather on a consistant basis.

Tell Jessi I said hi.


Uncle Rick said...


It's a good thing you all don't have to ride horses on your westward-ho travels. You would be talkin' saddle sores.

I'm really glad everything is going well. The 'steady' crew of five travel very well together.

Keep on keepin' on.

Hugs and winks all around.


Uncle Ricky

p.s. don't get stuck on prison island, or we will need to send Andy to the rescue