Wednesday, February 14, 2007


From Justin:

We're off like a herd of turtles on our trip. We're in North Dakota right now -- in the middle of nowhere. We're heading out to the Great Northwest. We have no projected arrival time, but we're making our way to Washington. We already got in four games of Skip-Bo. I lost three of them, but it was still fun. The ride has been a little bumpy so far, which is difficult for me because of my balance. But I'm figuring that out, so it is what it is. It was great to hear from my cousins in Iraq on Sunday, even though I may have been short and sweet, but I love talking to them. Nothing new happened today. Brent, Kim, Jon, and I had a great talk last night. That was very beneficial. They helped me cope with the subject of everlasting life. I hope everybody has a great night. Thank you all for your support and positive energy! Well, that's all, folks!


Chairperson of the B'ham greeting committee said...

Justin and Andrew,

"True Blue!" The two of you continue to amaze. Justin for your ever present inspiration and Andrew for you spirit of eternal friendship with and to Justin.

J, for what it is worth I too have been thinking of eternal life and I've come to a couple of resolutions. First and foremost, you are eternal. Each of us who have been touched by you will carry your spirit with us. Then, we in turn will, in some small way, pass your eternal spirit on to those we encounter. Also, your travels will never end. Each time your friends and family embark on a journey you will be our travel companion.

I came across this quote by Elinore Pruitt Stwewart: "It is a relief when things get to there worst. You know what they worst is and can begin to plan for better things."

Keep the wheels pointing to the west. Follow the sun.


Uncle Rick

Anonymous said...

Justin and family, Hope you guys have a good safe enjoyable trip and are blessed in the time you spent together! I have already been blessed by knowing you Justin and Kathleen as well! Have a great time and our prayers are with you as always! Love, Deb Bauer

christine said...

a herd of turtles? interesting. the sun is shining this morning. made me think about you and your herd of turtles. hope the trip is blessed with decent weather and more fruitful conversations about everlasting things.

we are living vicariously through you. enjoy the journey.

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip Kuke! Kick back, relax and you guys have the time of your life! Sounds like a blast!

Take Care!
Mike Brokofsky

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

JJ -

I grew up with the saying "terd of hurdles", My dad thought we were always too slow getting ready for trips.

I'm not sure I have the right words all the time, but I'm glad we had a good talk on Monday night. I pray we can have more good ones when you get back.

You know JJ, you are one of my miracles. My faith would not be where it is today, if we hadn't had that conversation in my office so many years ago and built the bond we have today.

My son will know you no matter where this ends up. If he can be half the man you are, I'll be the luckiest mom in the world. Your faith will impact everyone I know and meet from now until eternity.

Here's a few tid bits on Montana for your trip through the state:

- The largest snowflake ever observed was 38 cm wide was recorded in Montana on January 28, 1887. That’s just darn near 15 inches. Amazing!

- In Montana, it is illegal for married women to go fishing alone on Sundays, and illegal for unmarried women to fish alone at all.

- In Dear Lodge, Montana, in the Old West days, a cowboy evangelist angered over a snoring parishioner once fired a bullet over the head of the dozing man.

Love you tons and praying for you always!


Kirk said...

Sounds like the trip is off to a good start. Stay strong kiddo! Our prayers are with you for a safe trip.

Kirk and Kate Walton