Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wednesday (Part 3)

From Justin:

We have made it all the way to Washington State after 27 hours straight of driving. It wears you out big time, even if you're just riding. We're staying tonight in Spokane. We're going to leave tomorrow morning, but we're darn happy to make it to Washington tonight. I hope everybody has a great night. Well, that's all, folks!


Anonymous said...

Morning to you all! It sounds like the trip is going great. God's hand of protection has certainly been with you! I hope all of you were able to get the rest you need for another day of travel. We love you all!

Have another safe day,
Jeni and the boys

Anonymous said... guys must be just flying down the highways! Justin, your Dad must drive alot faster than his brother!! That trip would have taken us about a week! Continue to travel safely ,enjoy every moment with all your friends and family you meet along the way. We'll see you upon you return. God's blessings to you all! (The Fab Five) Love,Aunt Cheryl

Tim said...

Very glad you all made it safely. Now, enjoy!

God Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! We should have had your family drive us on our trips. Safe and sound is what I like to hear. Enjoy the time visiting and taking in the beauty.

Here's a few fun facts about Washington:

-Seattle was the first city in the US to play a Beatles song on the radio.

-The highest point in Washington is Mount Rainier. It was named after Peter Rainier, a British soldier who fought against the Americans in the Revolutionary War.

-Washington state has more glaciers than the other 47 contiguous states combined.

-The world's first soft-serve ice cream machine was located in an Olympia Dairy Queen.

Well that's all for now. Keep on keeping on.

Love you -


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation Justin! What a great way to see the country. I hope you enjoy the spectacular views on your trip! Stay safe and enjoy every moment of it!
Take Care,
Lori (Westermann) Hemingson

Anonymous said...


You've arrived!!! How are the mountains? My Spirit is with you in full light---living, loving and feeling the beauty of every mile. I'm looking at Mt. Baker as we speak. I can't wait to hear what you think about it upon arriving in Bellingham. Be ready for a miraculous, magical, spiritual experience. Ask for a miracle at the moment you see it. But for the long ride Justin, good stuff awaits you.

Say HI to all.

Many Blessings along the way.

Love to you,

Aunt Joan

Anonymous said...

Kuke da Man,

Sounds like the trip is going great. I hope you are taking tons of pictures.

Enjoy the view.
Talk to you soon,

Anonymous said...


Clark must be leading the family at a real fast pace. Boy you have covered a lot of ground. Let's see.... Mpls to Spokane 1,466 miles covered in 27 hours with need to slow down for snow brings average speed at about 60 mph!

The Captian Clark Griswald and his ace assistant Russ have the peddle to the metal. I hope the cold has lifted it looks like the temp in low 50's .... a tropical heat wave after the cold snap in MN!!!

Enjoy the wonder of the Northwest as it is a fantastic place to visit. Take in the Fish Market! ... The traffic can be a pain in the ass ---- but Clark and Russ can make it happen.

Justin, your inner strength, and the faith and strength of the entire Griswald family will make for a great trip filled with many wonderful memories.

Enjoy, and God bless you,and bless your family, and may he ride shotgun on your trip.


ricky said...


Today is my most lucky day; everyone else needs to use their fingers to communicate with you, I will be getting the real deal. Your drive from spokane to Bellingham will start with high desert, then farmland, then lush forests, cool rivers, Seattle, Mt Rainier, saltwater, the Space Needle and then north to beautiful Bellingham.

hug you soon,

uncle rick

Anonymous said...

Justin and Kathleen

Hope you guys are enjoying yourselves on your trip! God must be riding shotgun with you! As always are prayers and thoughts are with you!

Love, Deb B