Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday (Part 2)

From Justin:

Hello everybody. Phase 1 is completed. We made it all the way to Bellingham, but we have not yet begun our journey with Uncle Rick. We are heading to Vancouver tomorrow to spend the day. I can't wait to get up there. I hope it's everything it's cracked up to be. There has been a lot of driving so far, but we're going to be darn skippy to put it behind us. Obviously, there is a lot more, though. We're in to have a good night with Uncle Rick. Well, that's all, folks!


Anonymous said...

Hey JJ, glad to hear you guys are finally there!! So excited for your venture tomorrow, too! Thanks for calling me today and keeping me posted on the schedule :) Love you buddy!!!

-- Chantel

Jaime said...

Go, go, go, Team Justin! God bless you and be safe---and it's ok to ask for directions!!!!

Andrew, what a wonderful friend and blessing you are to Justin. If I were in a foxhole, I'd want a friend like you in there with me! (Thank God we're not in one, huh?)

Anonymous said...

Glad that you guys seem to be making great time. I hope you enjoy Vancouver, take it all in. Good luck with the Skip-bo games, just remember not to take 'no' for an answer!
Thanks for the message last night, sorry I missed it, but happy belated valentines day to you too!
talk to you soon

Rick said...


This is a little strange, blogging you when you are here.

Bellingham is a better city tonight; the 'fab five' arrived. Justin, it is so much like times of yore. Your laugh, your jokes, your hugs,,,, there is no other. You are the measure.

To all my fellow blog watchers, that thing the 'fab five' is traveling in needs a zoning variance for a new sub-division. It's a mobile village. Justin and crew are fine.

We viewed a few sites, took a stroll along the saltwater and ate dinner at the "now" world famous Stanellos resturant.

Rumor has it you all may be in for a visual treat tomorrow.

Andrew, thanks for "almost" ghost writing. J and crew, thanks for traveling to this part of the world.

love in all directions,

J's Uncle Ricky

Anonymous said...

Thank You Andrew soooooooooo much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping me remember what "family" is...

Jared said...


Its great to hear you made it guys made record time. You are truly road worriors. I hope you have a great time visting with Uncle Rick.

Hipps thanks so very much for keeping us in the loop...your a truly an amazing friend.

I'll be keeping you all in my prayers,


Anonymous said...

Here's a cheers to no parking tickets while the mobile village is parked in front of Uncle Rick's house.

Glad that the crew made it safely to Bellingham. I hope that Vancouver is amazing. You got out of state at the right time as we are 20 degrees below zero today with the wind chill factor.

Thanks again to Andy and now also Uncle Rick for keeping all blog watchers up to date on the status of 'the fab five.'

JJ, Logan wanted you to know that he is wrestling in Dover-Eyota tonight and Holmen WI tomorrow. Regional qualifiers are in three weeks, so he'd like to wrestle as many tournaments before then as possible so that we can again say "State or Bust."

Love from LaCrescent,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kuke,

It sounds like you are covering the beautiful scenery and making good time - perfect! Reading the blog, it's like we're on the adventure with you (Thanks Andrew!).
I'm glad you made it to Bellingham! Your Uncle Rick sounds like fun...

Can't wait to hear from you again!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you guys made it safely! Tell Uncle Rick hello from KS for us. Kyle and I are so excited for all of you to be able to make such a trip! We love you tons JJ! A hug from me to you. I hope you have an awesome day in Vancouver!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hey Just!

You have great weather for Vancouver, I just hope it holds out until after you leave Seattle! Can't wait to see you tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

hey hey Cousing Justin, it was great to hear your voice, and thanks for caling me today. I am sorry that I missed your call, I was in class.

anyhow, I trust that the traveling crew is having fun with Uncle Rick! And JJ, I hope that you starting to win a few games of Skip-Bo.

have a great day and I love you!

OH! also,I have some pictures that I want you to see from Relay For LIfe, I hope that you'll enjoy them!

cousin Cart

Big Bro' Kukowski said...


Good talking to you earlier. Remember to get a picture if you see a real live Mounty up there in Canada eh! Have a good time and we'll see you in a couple!

Love you

Tim said...

Justin and C0.

So glad you are there safely. I bet it is beautiful in the great Northwest. Have a great weekend and enjoy.

Love you all!

Uncle Tim

PS: JJ, the Twins signed Cudduyer to a one year deal yesterday.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the call yesterday! You totally made my day! I'm glad that you guys made it out there safe. Tell everyone that I say hello.

Love you tons,

Jon said...

Justin, It was so nice to hear your voice on the phone. You sound great! You are the kindest person thinking about us and our traveling as you are on your travels. :) We love pulling up your blog and checking in on your whereabouts. We plan to look for internet cafes while on our vacation so we can keep up on your stories. Anxious to hear how you like Vancover. It is a beautiful place. love Jon and Colleen

zac1 said...

yo JJ,

My wife and I spent our honeymoon in vancouver last summer...absolutely beautiful... we hope you enjoy it. we heard stanley park got hit pretty hard by storms. we are very proud of you and your family - we love you and wish you the very best - keep going,

Zac Petersen