Saturday, February 03, 2007

Update (Saturday)

I just wanted to update everyone on Justin's condition. I just spoke with Justin's father, Don. Justin had shortness of breath early this morning, so he was rushed to the emergency room at the hospital (Fairview University). He has fluid buildup in his lungs, so he's taking antibiotics. It is suspected that he has pneumonia. Justin's phone has been ringing nonstop today, so thanks so much to everyone for all the support! The support from family and friends has been amazing. Justin can't take calls right now, unfortunately, but I will try to post to let everyone know when he can. Please keep praying! Thanks!


christine said...

thank you for the update. continued prayer support for sure...

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the information. I'm really glad you will continue to update everyone until we can get the 'team captian' back to the keyboard.

J's Uncle Rick

Ryan said...

thanks for the update. We're all praying for JJ.