Sunday, February 25, 2007


From Justin:

We got up early and took off. We headed out to Wichita to see my brother. Even though we got up early, we are still on the road and about 20 minutes from his home. We spent the whole day driving, other than stopping for lunch. Shortly, I'm going to check out how my simulation baseball and basketball teams did … and then we'll arrive in Wichita. We'll arrive in Wichita in about 20 minutes … and bog down there for the night. Well, that's all, folks! Talk to you later! Have a great night!


Uncle rick said...


It was really nice to talk with you today. I really could tell you had the 'I'm seeing my bro' and nephews' in your voice.

Each day I think about the incredible journey the five of you set out on; and, each day I am filled with wonderment for each of you. You will see more sights in two weeks than most people see in years. Bravo- bravo to all!!

Thanks again for making this little corner of the world one of your stops.

I love you very much,

Uncle Rick

p.s. give Kyle and fam a big squeeze from me.

The Karlberg's said...

Hey there man, we just found out about this blog a couple of days ago and are glad to see your trip seems to be going great! We really missed you at the wedding and wish you could have been there. We have you in our thoughts and prayers everynight and wish you and your family the best on your journey. We love you and hope for the best on your trip. Stand tall, be strong and know that we're all here with you!
Shaun and Tyler

Anonymous said...

JJ, it was great seeing you on Saturday. Have fun in Kansas!!

jeff l.

Anonymous said...

Awesome trip! Thanks for the up-dates and pics.

Anonymous said...

Hey JJ,
I hope that you have a great time with your bro. I know how much you like to spend time with him and his family.
Glad to hear that the trip is going well, you have been able to go through some beautiful country and, I agree with uncle Rick, some places people have have never been, me included!
Give my hello's to your family.
talk to you soon

Jared said...

Hi Kuke,

Glad to hear you made it to see your brother. I am sure the trip has been a wonderful time. I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I got your message and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey JJ, your trip just continues to get more and more exciting as you go, I can't believe you've been gone almost 2 weeks already!! I miss you and can't wait to see you when you get back!! Tell Kyle and fam HI from me :) Have a wonderful time, lemme know when you get back to the cities and when Zach and I can stop out for a visit!!

Love you sooooo much!!!

-- Chantel Rose

Anonymous said...

Kuke da Man,

I hope the snow didn't slow you guys down. We got a lot in MN. Have fun in KS and tell Kyle and the family we all say hi.

Talk to you soon.
Safe travels,

Anonymous said...

Hey Kuke,

I'm glad to hear & see all is going well, the trip continues to sound amazing. Have fun with your brother & family in Wichita. I just thought I'd say 'hi'...thinking 'bout ya!


Anonymous said...

What an incredible journey. You guys are rock stars!!!!!

Bob, Nancy, Andrea, Lacy and Jenna

Kath said...

Hey J's
Thats awesome that you got to go back to CO and hang out with all thoes guys I"m sure it was a blast cathching up. Lot's of snow here in MN so you might want to head south for a coulple of more weeks till it's gone. Anyways just wanted to say hello and can't wait to see you when you get back.


Lacy said...

So glad to hear your trip has been great thus far... I'm a little disappointed, you came all the way to Cali and didn't stop by to say hello!! haha, only kidding, I guess the Grand Canyon was waiting for you!

Enjoy the road!