Sunday, October 10, 2004

We Got a First Timer Here...

For those of you who have come across my blog, I am a first time blogger. The main focus of my blogs will usually attain to sports theory. Some will focus on politics. Others may look at personal experience. If something is bothering me about society, it may sneak in as well. Basically, this is my blog and I will write about whatever the hell I feel like.

I would like to congratulate Ichiro on collecting 262 hits this season. It’s always good for baseball to see its old records fall, especially the ones that fall to non-steroid users. My apologies to Bonds. I would also like to congratulate Johan Santana on what could be the most dominating stretch of pitching in baseball history. The Astros made an unbelievable comeback down the stretch as the Cubbies choked away another season. Ninety-six years and counting. It was a great year in baseball and I can only hope that the playoffs finish with a bang. Go any team other than the Yankees.

Speaking of the Yankees, the first item that I will discuss in my blog is Derek Jeter's playoff career. Or more importantly, is Derek Jeter really clutch in the playoffs or does he simply perform well in the playoffs because he is a solid baseball player. My initial thought is that Jeter has simply been to the post season so many times and had so many opportunities that he is perceived to be more clutch then he actually is. Does Jeter succeed more in the playoffs then he does in the regular season? Does he have a higher batting average, more stolen bases, less errors, a higher on base percentage and slugging percentage in the playoffs then in the regular season? Does he really turn it up another level during the playoffs? Or could it be that Jeter is just a great ballplayer and that is what great ballplayers do?

I will attempt to have these questions answered in a few days. So if you care to take a look, stay tuned. Otherwise thanks for stopping.

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