Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Picture: Me, Dana White, and Andy

We met UFC President Dana White in Las Vegas.


Anonymous said...

Hey Justin! I agree that this blog thing is a great idea! As others said, that way you don't have to type the same stuff over and over to like 50 different people...sorry it took me so long to write! That is so radddd that you got to meet Dana White! It's weird, but not really, that I got into UFC alot living in Jacksonville, I am pretty sure we got all the fights in the past 6 months on PPV. So that is super sweet you got to meet him! You look good in that pic too! I miss you and I am glad you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin!

Just wanted to wish you a healthy and happy New Year and let you know you are at the top of my prayer list each day. Little Mya is so fortunate to have such a great godfather!


Anonymous said...


I just closed the cover on my cell phone after talking to you, and I left with the following thoughts: you are one amazing young man. I don't think I've ever met anyone that sees as much joy and beauty in the world as you do. I'm honored to have you call me uncle.

I'll be in Minnesota soon. I super excited to spend some time with you.



Justin Kukowski said...

thanks Rick love ya.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Justin. Let everyone's thoughts and prayers carry you through. We're sending off mega prayers from the good old East side!

Justin Kukowski said...

Rita Thank you for everything, keep the prayers coming. Go Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin! I have never blogged before! This is a first and I can't think of a better beginning that to wish you well! Students at CHS ask about how you are doing. Marie and I speak of you often and are so grateful for your visit to our classes. You really left an impact! We'll keep up with you on your blog! Praying for you! Arlene Borner

Anonymous said...

oh... and by the way the Goph/ Badger game was fun for about the first 8 min. and then it was pretty much sad to have to sit and watch but... my MN sweatshirt and I made it out of the Kohl center alive.

~ Cart

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you were exhausted from such a good thing. What a blessing to have such an extended family! I didn't know what that was like until our family merged with the Stuhaug/Kukowski clans. Rest up before the next wave comes!

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin-
I hope you aren't feeling much pain, Foot told me a little bit about whats going on. Hang in there bud and we're all prayin for ya! Hope to see you soon.

Mike Brokofsky

jon maier said...

Hi Justin,
Keep your spirits high, you have more strength than anyone I have ever met, and we keep praying for you here at Wells Fargo. Let us know when we can do lunch for you next time you are in town for treatment.

Much Love,
Jon Maier and fellow Wells Fargo employees.

Jay said...

This is J from C springs. I am glad to hear you are doing good. Wow a Vegas trip with Kuke, must have been lengendary. I am jealous you got to meet Dana White. Everybody misses you out here in Colorado. I need to plan a trip up to minnesota to see you. We need to keep in touch my email is
We are all praying for yah, J

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin:

We hope you are feeling better today. Let us know when you are up for a fierce game of cards!

We are amazed at your strength and are grateful for anytime we are able to spend with you. Thanks!

What a blessing you have been to your family and friends....what a guy!


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