Tuesday, December 12, 2006

JJ 12/12/06

Well, instead of sending out emails to update everyone, I am going to try and blog every day. If there's no blog, nothing happened that day.

I have been in the hospital a lot lately, but I have been feeling great. I got out on Sunday and Mya was baptized, I am her Godfather, so you could call me the Godfather, I'll answer. Today we went to Lion's Tap. Good food, then came home. Lame. Email questions and I'll answer here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Justin

Great idea on the blog....and probably a lot easier than having to tell everyone the same things over and over again :-) I will look forward to keeping up with it.

Take Care,


seth said...

I miss you a ton and hope to see you again soon. Seth and I are leaving for South America on January 10th. We are just spending every minute getting ready for our 6 month adventure. Justin, I just want you to know I think about you a lot. Keep smiling (you have a great one)!!!
It will be great to read your blog even when we are gone.

Miss you,
Katie Cooper