Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Birthday, JJ!

Since JJ's birthday is today (March 3), I thought I would post a short video of him opening gifts at a birthday party. Even though JJ has left us on earth and is now in heaven, we can all share in watching him open gifts on his birthday.

Happy Birthday, JJ, from all of us!


Anonymous said...

that is too funny! what a perfect video to watch today and celebrate the birthdays justin was able to share with his many friends and family members....thanks for sharing it, andrew!
take care,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Justin!

Sarah said...

So cute! :)

Uncle Tim said...

This was great!! No gum balls for Kyle and open the cards later. Very funny!

Happy Birthday JJ!!

Thanks Andrew!!


Anonymous said...

So good to hear that sweet voice again. Brings back so many memories of how "Awesome" things were. Thanks for posting Andrew. And JJ . . . Happy Birthday we know you are enjoying the Awesome gift of heaven.


Anonymous said...

haha, Tim, I was going to post EXACTLY what you said on here!

JJ is just one of a kind!

cousin I love you and I miss you, but you're always in my heart.

Cousin Carter