Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tribute to Justin Kukowski

Keep holding on, JJ! We'll make it through. Just stay strong. We're all here for you.


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Uncle Tim said...


That is unbelievable. Andrew and Justin, the two of you have an amazing friendship.

You both are the best!!!

See you tomorrow JJ.

Uncle Tim

Anonymous said...


This is proof of the amazing support you have behind you. Thanks Andrew for compiling such an amazing tribute to an amazing young man. JJ, your freindship with Andrew is invaluable.

We all love and support you!!


Anonymous said...

Very awesome video!! Love you sooo much JJ, please let me know when would be a good time to come see you at the hospital, I believe you're going to be there this week...?? Take care buddy!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, is that AWESOME!! Great Job! Justin, this is your old neighborhood buddy JT! I was informed recently of things. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family bud. I really hope to see you soon! I'll try and get in contact with Hippy. You take care kid!! Talk to you soon!

J. Taylor

Anonymous said...


You have made a tremendous impact on a countless number of people, have witnessed some amazing places and have achieved greatness. What a fitting tribute!

Keep fighting. We will make it through.

Love you man,


Brendan said...

Nice video Andrew. You look great JJ.

Keep fighting, I know you can do it .

Love you man!


Courtney said...


Hey JJ i loved the video!
You are a great cousin and an inspiration to me.

Keep it up!

Love you


unc ric said...

JJ & Andrew,

You two are 'THEE DYNAMIC DUO!"

Andrew, this tribute is absolutely wonderful. There are not enough adjectives to describe 'the beauty of Justin' that you have displayed. And, as many of us have witnessed, 'the beauty of St. Andrew.'

I will close with this from Emerson: "Every spirit builds itself a house, and beyond its house a world, and beyond its world a heaven."

Justin and Andrew your spirits are a bit of heaven.

Admiring the spirits.

with love,

unc ric

josh said...

Nice job on that video Moogs. Looks like you have a great support team here JJ. Keep the faith man. I'll say a prayer for you.


Brooke said...

This video is so great. I am glad that you put this together and shared this with us. Thank you.
I am an hour behind you here, so if you ever can't sleep give me a call.
talk to you soon

Justin Kukowski said...

Thank you all for your support. Andrew is awesome. He is an unreal friend. So thank you Andy. John great to hear from ya. Give Andy a call and we'll get together sometime. I'll never stop fighting, thanks for the support guys. I'd love to see anybody who wants to stop by, just call and we'll make sure the time and date works. McMahon great to hear from ya. Brooke I will give you a call. Have a great day.

Jared said...


This video is great. Thanks for sharing it with us. You da man as always.


Jared said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


That made my day! It was great to see those early pictures too.

My prayers are with you today and everyday!


Dawn and family

Trevor said...


what an awesome video, and an amazing tribute to Justin. It was a great trip down memory lane. JJ sorry to hear you about the runaround at the hospital yesterday. I'll see ya soon.


Kay said...

Good Morning JJ!

What an incredible video! I keep watching it over and over and one of the many things I love about it is seeing that smile of yours, there's none other like it. You have such a big, beautiful heart and it shines right through in that big bright smile of yours. After all you have been through, there is always that smile. We are all so blessed to have you in our lives.

Love ya tons and I will see you soon!

Auntie Kay

Heide said...

Hey JJ!
I hope your day is going better at the hospital-I'm sure can be QUITE frustrating. You truly have a wonderful friend-Andrew-thank you for sharing all these incredible memories with all of us and help to make them happen.It was emotional watching-lots of happy and fun times.

God determines who walks into your's up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go. It's obvious that you two have been blessed with an AWESOME friendship and refuse to let go!!!
TEAM JUSTIN praying for you!!!



Anonymous said...

wow...this video is amazing!! Great Job Andrew...

JJ... keep on rockin. And although I rarely get to see you, please know that my thoughts and prayers and with you day in and day out. I'm so lucky to have a cousin like you.

~ Cart

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin,
It was so much fun seeing all of your pictures. The computers in Quito Ecuador are slow but I did get to see all the pic´s. I hope you are feeling ok today and know that even though we are an ocean away that Seth and I think and pray for you every day!!!! Soon I will be able to pray for you in Spanish too!!!
Miss you lots,

Chuck & Diane said...

We've been keeping up with your progress through your Mom. The video from Moogs was fantastic. What a great tribute from one of the best friends a guy could have. It was fun watching both of you guys grow up. I remember you coming here for day care as a preschooler. We had a lot of fun times. You and Mark had a great time playing, especially if a ball was involved. I always enjoyed your zest for life and your smile. It was contagious. Then there were all the years of playing ball and cheering you guys on, watching you grow into wonderful young men. You have many people praying for you. Let us know if we can do anything for you!! God Bless and Hang in there!!! Chuck & Diane

Karen said...

I'm Katie Pretzel's sister - I know we don't know each other. She has been sending me updates on your condition and I was able to watch this amazing video. Your strength & courage is truly amazing. I am praying for you out here!

Karen Pretzel
San Diego, CA

Anonymous said...


Moogs sent me this link....I really enjoyed watching the video. All of us here are thinking about you a lot, and praying for your continued progress. Best wishes, buddy!

Tim Peters (Wuss)

Anonymous said...

Although I have not seen you through your fight, I want to let you know that my prayers have been with you!! That slideshow sure brought back some old baseball memories!! Keep fighting and hope to see you sometime soon.
Take care,

uncle ric said...


I've watched your video at least ten times. Each time I'm moved from smiles to tears, to smiles to tears and back to smiles once more. Each time I see how wonderful and full of life you are.

As I watch I marvel at the beatiful life you've lead and at the beautiful people in your life; you deserve it all.

You have often said that you would like to be a teacher; anyone watching this video can learn much from you.

As the song goes---"teach your children well."



Anonymous said...

Thanks for opening the window to your past with us and sharing. You have touched so many others in ways you will never even know. The smiles and tenderness you share with others shows through even in pictures. Keep strong!
Thoughts and prayers-

Ahren said...


It is so wonderful to see you have such great friends and family surrounding you. You are in my thoughts always, even though we've not seen much of eachother over the years. You and Kyle have always been in my fondest memories of growing up. Thank you for sharing those memories with me.

You are such a brave man, you make all who know you so proud.

Please take care. All my best wisehs to you.


Anonymous said...

What an AWESOME video! Beautiful job, Andy...

Hi Kuka-bear,

I would love to come and see you soon...It sounds like you're very busy with family & friends from out of town, so I'll give you a call and bug ya :-)

Just wanted to say, 'hi'.

Thinking & praying for you...



Anne Shipley said...

That video was great! Justin, I'm continuing to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Talk to you soon,
Anne Shipley

Anonymous said...

Fantastic video! What a marvelous accolade to you Justin. I pray that your grow stronger, the side effects of your treatment go away and that it kicks the cancer out of your body for good. I'm praying loud and fierce for you - every day.

I truly believe you will beat this.

Love you -


Anonymous said...

Awesome slide show! Keep fighting, buddy!

Shanny said...

Andrew and Justin,
we LOVED the video!! Thank you for taking the time to put it together to share.
What an amazing friendship you share, that is such a gift.
We love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin,
I just found out about your blog this morning! The pictures are great! Awesome job! I never saw childhood pictures - your great smile from early years on!
Keep that positive attitude and humor that you always do! It is evident that not all soldiers are overseas, as you have a great army around you. Positive thoughts and prayers from Vermont.
Deb R.

maureen said...


Just watched your video again and it really is so wonderful to be able to see you doing all the things that you love and have made you the great person you are today! Many thanks to your friend Andrew for letting those of us that are not with you in person to be with you in Spirit. Stay strong. Love Maureen

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin,

I know everyone before me has already said this, but that video was really touching. You've done so much and I can tell you have grown up with God at your side. You are truely an inspiration. If only you knew how many lives you've changed and the positive effect you've had on us all. Even with all the tough stuff you've been through, you still come out with a smile. I'll see you soon.

-Michael Radtke

davidatche said...

Justin I am aquainted with your mother through one of her friends and through her have followed the progress of your affliction since early on it has only been now having seen this blog that I have been able to put a face with the name you are no longer just Kathleens boy you are someone who has impressed me with the smile that says I have faith I believe keep that faith and keep believing my prayers are with you

Mark M. said...

Hey Justin

Thanks to Andrew for the great tribute - awesome!!! What a fantastic friendship the two of you have.

Keeping fighting my friend. So many are praying for you and will continue to do so!!


Gregory Parkhill said...


Hey bud, just wanted to say that you are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless and stay strong.


Starr said...

you truely have the most recognizably beautiful smile i have ever seen. i wish i could be there to see it again in person.

you're in my thoughts and prayers every day kuke. i know you are staying strong through everything. thanks for the blogging--i know your friends everywhere really appreciate being in touch with you.

all my love justin,

Eric Dafoe said...

Hey Justin!
I just learned about your webpage over the weekend or else I would have been in here much earlier.

ReAnna told me you guys watched some early UCCS footage when they were up there. Ironically, Greg and I were watching the same footage on cassette tape that same night.

I have you in my thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you soon in Minnesota.

Hundreds of others and I am there with you Kuke.

Anonymous said...

You do not know me, but I wanted you to know that so many people at ATK have been following your journey through your dad and now this site. You've been in the thoughts and prayers of so many of us.

This video is amazing and although I've never met you, I couldn't get over the beauty of your smile! What sunshine!! I will think of you everytime I hear that song now.

Hang in there, Justin. We're all praying for you.

Rhonda Jaring

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin it's Pete Anderson. I just watched your tribute video and was reminded of when I saw you at my brothers wedding. Just letting you know i'm thinking of you and praying for you. keep strong like you have been in the past.


bria said...

hey justin! i wanted to say that i think about you always and you are in my prayers.

love you lots!


Lindsay said...

Hey Kukaberra this is Lindsay Anderson. What a great video of you and all of the people who love you for the amazing person you are. Your smile always seems to cheer people up and I hope I can do the same for you. I would love to come and visit you, so let me know when you are feeling up to it. Miss you Kukaberra!


Anonymous said...


Greetings from Sheree. my husband and I have been reading through the blogs, and watched the video, and we wish you the very best, we will keep you in our prayers, and hopefully your road trip will be filled with lots of adventures, and good times.

God be with you,
Sheree and Brian

Anonymous said...

Hey JJ,
I hope you have a great trip out west! I'm looking forward to reading about in on your blog.
All my prayers,
Steve Berquist

Anonymous said...

Hey JJ,

This Blog is awesome. I am glad that I finally figured out how to make a comment on it, thanks to Vicki. I have been thinking about you and your family a lot the last couple of weeks. I think that you are such an amazing person. I have been saying prayers for you and your family. I hope that you can get better. You are the best. Have a good day.

Take care buddy,

Jared Schmillen

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin,

I'm sending you all positive thoughts and vibration from Belgium. Your energy and positivism to fight your cancer makes you a really special person. I'm sorry we didn't spend much time together.
Take care Justin, you'll beat it.

Cécile, exchange student at Chaska High school in 1997 and in Cross coutry running team.

Cecile said...

Hey Justin,

I'm sending you all positive thoughts and vibration from Belgium. Your energy and positivism to fight your cancer makes you a really special person. I'm sorry we didn't spend much time together.
Take care Justin, you'll beat it.

Cécile, exchange student at Chaska High school in 1997 and in Cross coutry running team.

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin, We spoke with Don yesterday about a motorhome and your forthcoming trip to the Northwest. Our prayers are with you. God loves you!
Barbara Ann & Duane Freier

Anonymous said...


that video was awesome. I'm thinking of you praying for you often. Hope your trip is a fabulous one!


Jon said...

You are amazaing! Your positive attitude is contagious. You are an incrediable role model for your family and friends. We are so blessed that God put you into our lives. We love you. Jon and Colleen

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and Prayers are with you. Stay strong and we are all fighting along side you! Thinking and praying for you-
Matt and Katy Schoen

Gregg said...


This is Gregg (and Michele) you neighbor across the street. I ran into Vicki at the mailbox last night and she told me about your blog site. I just finished watching the video; it is truly moving. It brought back so many memories of you as you grew up along with our two sons, Erik and Danny. It looks like you've had some awesome experiences. Life is not measured by quantity, but quality. Our prayers are with you always. I'm sure you realize this, but God's strength is amazingly strong. Have faith. When you feel you can't "stand on your own" anymore, He will pick you up in His strong arms and carry you. Hold on tight.

Your neighbors, Gregg and Michele

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin,

I hope that you are having a great night. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I know your trip will be great!!! Stay strong and keep fighting.

Hollie (Jeurissen) Rehfeld

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin. It's your old co-worker Megan from the Chaska Bakery. I wish you nothing but the best and my prayers are with you.


Anonymous said...

That was such an amazing video! I recently got updates on your battle with cancer and want to say you are an amazing fighter. The biggest thing that stood out from this video was your incredible and contagious smile! My toughts are with you and your family and I hope your trip is everything you dreamed it would be!!

Rachel (Bachmann)Schmidt

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin!
This video is very moving and I found myself pretty emotional while watching it. You are such an amazing person and you've touched every single one of our lives in a positive way. Stay strong and I'm praying for you and your family.

Lori (Westermann) Hemingson

Crystal said...


It has been forever and a day since we have had a chance to see each other or talk. Just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I love thinking back to the crazy ways that you would terrorize Al at the Town Course or do fun and crazy things at FCA. I am doing well, a social studies teacher at Wayzata High School for the time being...after teaching in Japan for a year. Wishing you the best, hope to see you soon.

Take lots of pictures on your trip out west.

Lots of love and a big hug,

Crystal Gildea

Aaron-n-Billie said...

We think about you everyday and pray. Hopefully we can see ya soon.

Aaron and Billie Perkins

Anonymous said...

Joe Frank here. I wanted to let you know that I am really glad that you have influnced my life so much and I never realized how much until my wife, also dealingg with major medical trials, and I sat down together to watch your video. I want to take this oppertunity to tell you that I am routing for you. In highschool you were the person that I wish I could be more like. You talked to me even though we hung out in different circles. You got the girls and went to all the parties and I never imagined that you would take your time to come up to me, so THANK YOU. You make me feel like I still have so much more to strive towards.
Thanks again for being you.

Your friend
Joe Frank and my family

PS. If you want to get a hold of me my email is:
Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin!

Have a wonderful trip. We'll all be thinking of you. May God's love surround you and angels' wings protect you as you travel!


P.S. Don't forget to tip the drivers:)

Jack & Lynda said...

Jack & Lynda McMahon here, Josh has recently told us of your cancer. We immediately said a prayer and are sending you all the positive strength we can give. I don't know if he told you his brother Mike has been on the same journey battling a rare form of leukemia. Only the second type they had diagnosed in Rochester. So very ill. The drs. called him Lazarus eventually tho and you should see him today Justin. You and all your family will be in our prayers and thoughts. Seattle the "Emerald City" My hometown. Josh and I have made a few fun trips out there. We invite you and your family to come visit us at our resort on Kabetogama as guests of ours!!I will get Josh to guide you!! Take care Justin

Schu said...

Kuke Da Man... What's up boss it's Schu from the U.. Just wanted to give you a shout and let you know I'm thinking of you.. it has been a long time since we tore it up in Pioneer Hall!! Hope the trip is going good, take some snap shots of the country for me!! Talk to you later Da Man!

Anonymous said...

That was an awesome video. You both should be very proud of it! Justin you look great!

My family is keeping you in their thoughts and prayers.

Amanda Gammell (Danduran)

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin,

My dads up here this weekend doing the whole college thing with me. We've talked a lot about you and I just want to let you know what impact you have made on both our lives. We've had a great time chatting about life, faith, and the important things. Glad to see you're having a great time with your family. Look forward to see you soon!

-Mike and Jon

Anonymous said...

Justin -
My name is April Schauble and your Aunt Maureen is my stepmother. She and your family is pretty special. Just wanted to send my love and best wishes to you and the whole fam. The video your friend put together is amazing and I absolutely love your smile. It's contagious. Funny thing, I was looking for any resemblance with all the Hennessy's I know and I found it when a pic showed a side view...your nose! Yep, you've got the Hennessy nose. It suits you and the bright smile you're sporting. Anyway, have a blast on your trip and keep the faith. You'll be in my prayers - April

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin!
That video is really awesome! I have enjoyed seeing you occasionally at church. I want you to know that you are in our prayers. Continue to stay strong. Enjoy your trip!
Anika (Lindall) Sellmeyer

Anonymous said...

I have been meaning to get a note up to you for some time now-ever since fritz and eric told me they stopped by the hospital to see may not even remember me, but that's what is so can't possibly know how many lives you've touched and how many of us will continue to cheer you on!
Gretchen Soberay
(and additional love from Rachael Schmieg and Allison Polster)

Anonymous said...


I recently heard about your battle and wanted to let you know that you have made such an impact on so many people.... you have no idea! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong!

Sarah Bernhardt

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin,

We are enjoying reading each and every update you write. It sounds like your trip has been amazing for you and your family!!!

enjoy the rest of your trip and we look forward to talking with you when you get back!

Treacy Welch

Anonymous said...

The video is truly amazing, thank you for sharing this and your traveling adventures with everybody. Peace and love always.

Amanda (Yokiel) Burton

Rob Dorfner said...

Kuke- my thought and prayers are with you

Rob d

Rob Dorfner said...

Kuke- my thoughts and prayers are with you

Rob d

Anonymous said...

we all miss justin kukowski and thank about him all the time

Anonymous said...

Justin is the man!!!

Rama said...

I just came across this blog... Kuke was a genuinely caring guy. He always had a smile on his face and could make anyone feel comfortable and welcome. Thank you for putting together this slideshow.

-Sam Johnson '98

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Tom said...

JJK and a bottle of beer

Aaron and Billie Perkins said...

Thinking of you JJ...always and forever! Watching this video has become a tradition on this day, and still continues to bring tears.

Aaron and Billie Perkins

Anonymous said...

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