Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Harsh Words about a Horrible Human Being

After mocking Ray Lewis with a dance in Sunday's 15-10 victory over the Ravens, Terrell Owens wasn't done. Wednesday he had a few words about Ray as well.

During his weekly press conference Owens said, "It's discouraging at times that I get labeled and put in that same mold and that I'm the worst guy that ever put on a uniform. It's funny. I listen to all the comments and it baffles me.

"You have a guy like Ray Lewis, who, I mean, I thought pretty much he was my friend. I mean, this is a guy, you know, double-murder case, he could have been in jail. Seems like the league embraces a guy like that. But I'm going out scoring touchdowns, having fun, but I'm the bad guy."

In very few instances can I say that I agree with Terrell Owens. In fact this is probably the first, but Owens makes a legitimate case. Here we have a guy less then five years removed from a murder trial in which he rolled over on two of his buddies and got off nearly scott free. By no stretch of the imagination would I call Ray a poster child for the NFL, but the media, announcer and just about every one in the league embraces this guy. One year after the murders took place the league gave him the Super Bowl MVP when other guys, namely Trent Dilfer, were just as deserving if not more. I found this to be an extremely embarrassing time for the NFL and was proud of Wheaties and Disney World for not allowing Ray to be apart of their advertising.

Ray Lewis has shown absolutely no remorse for his actions. He has not owned up to any of the wrong doing. He obstructed justice. He hung his friends out to dry. Worst of all, he has done nothing to heal the wounds of the victims’ families. In fact he has spun the whole thing to make it look like a personal trial God put him through. Give me a break Ray.

I have absolutely no respect for this guy. Ray, you need show some sympathy and remorse for the families of the victims. You need to say you're sorry. You need to offer anything you can to help them heal. You need to own up to what you did. You need to tell the truth for crying out loud.

Instead Ray hides behind his coaches and players anytime the media brings up these events. Ray Lewis might be a great player, but he is a horrible human being. Terrell Owens might be an idiot. But at least we don't hear about him driving drunk, smuggling drugs, raping women, or worse yet getting wrapped up in murder cases. When Terrell Owens is on the field he is a total jerk. However, jerk doesn’t even begin to describe what Ray Lewis is as a person.

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